Virtual Storage

Create virtual copies of freezers. Check the box content, track location and quantity. See at a glance where free space is located. Expiry warning avoids waste. Simplify freezer cleaning when you track material by user.

With VIRTUAL STORAGE you can create digital copies of freezers, liquid nitrogen tanks, refrigerators or any other storage facilities you may have. Then choose precise positions for storing and let the system do the rest. Track how lab members occupy storage space to see what is stored, when and by whom, for easiest possible freezer clean-up.

What you get:

With Virtual Storage, the lab generates digital versions of its storages, creating freezers, liquid nitrogen tanks or cupboards with no limitations on how you organise and run the lab. User chooses precise positions and places reagents into virtual storage. Easy access to information about stored items, their location and quantity.

The user has full control of stored content. At every instant you know which positions are occupied. A very important feature is that only previously defined items can be stored – so there’s no re-entering of item names and therefore no errors. You can track each lab member’s stored material and easily take a virtual tour through storage to quickly detect free space.

Enjoy fast and user-friendly storage management.

Researchers can add expiry alarms with four levels to ensure timely usage and enable lab members to plan their activities on time.

Finally, you can see all storage facilities from one place. The homepage displays updated content and free space and, with listed reagents and alarms, gives the lab a comprehensive overview of all storage and stored material.