Intuitive interface finds reagents fast, shows location and quantity. Biobanking LIMS stores details of correct usage, speeding the progress of your research.

The Reagent Module has all the information you need about molecular and cellular tools so researchers can quickly see:

What is available? / How much do we have? / Where is it?

Efficient resource use! With LABA, the lab can keep details of proper usage, avoiding unnecessary experiments and saving the lab time and money by providing a knowledge base of correct use of reagents.

What you get:

The Reagent Module is divided into sections tailored to each reagent type: antibodies, oligonucleotides, plasmids, cell lines, chemicals and other types. Select the required tool’s type and search intuitively, quickly finding and locating the tool you need!

Optimal usage details are in a card specifically structured for each reagent type, enabling lab members to easily enter and update details like dilutions, buffer composition or growth conditions. Researchers can quickly know how to optimally use reagents. Moreover, each card contains number and locations of stored vials – and, most importantly, the lab can define 2-level quantity alarms to track the number of stored vials.

Each category contains mandatory data, so no important data will be omitted during data entry and the lab is always ready for optimal use of material. Specific design features make data entry minimal, fast, and easy.