Lab Management

What are the Differences Between LIS and LIMS?

If you’re searching for laboratory management software, then there’s a good chance that you’ve seen LIS and LIMS used interchangeably on different websites. Even though these systems overlap sometimes, they support different laboratory functionalities and types. If you’re about to get a laboratory management system for your laboratory, you must get the distinct differences before …

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How to Choose the Right LIMS Software for Your Lab

Moving from manual, paper-based processes to automation and digital integration of instruments, data, and employees is a positive move for modern laboratories, although it often isn’t easy to implement. Choosing the right LIMS software for your lab can have many effects on its productivity and overall savings in time and money. Many find difficulties sorting …

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What are the Benefits of Biobanking?

Biobanking is an exciting sector in the biological pharmaceutical industry. Biobanking involves collecting tissue samples or bodily fluids (urine, blood, etc.) for research purposes. All of this research helps improve understanding of general health and specific diseases. Biobanks can also collect information like weight, height, and other health-related questions to give context to the samples. …

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What is biobanking?

Biobanking is the process of collecting samples of tissue or bodily fluid for research to understand health and diseases better. Researchers usually collect this information to get breakthroughs in science and conduct experiments.  Other information they may collect for biobanks includes weight, height, and other questions related to health (lifestyle and family history). Researchers collect …

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